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MBLEx = Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination

The MBLEx is Administered by The FSMTB  (Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards)

Please check website (www.fsmtb.org) for any changes in FSMTB policies, requirements, or forms.


MBLEx Application Information

Cost = $ 195 

Question : 100 Multiple Choice Questions

Time : 2 hours 

When : Any one can take MBLEx at anytime, even before graduation

Which States Accept MBLEx For Licensure : Verify that MBLEx is accepted by your state Board here

MBLEx Process

Apply for the MBLEx : MBLEx online Application

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Massage Practice Exams for NCETMB, NCETM and MBLEx

Massage 12

MBLEx Question & Answer

MBLEx Content Outline

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100 Questions

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MBLEx Tips

What to Do If I Fail the MBLEx Exam?Students from any massage program can fail the MBLEx Exam so you shouldn’t take the test for granted.
Changes on MBLEx test after July of 2014 The MBLEx is scheduled to undergo some minor changes in July of 2014. Although, you probably won’t  notice the changes unless you have taken the MBLEx exam previously.
Massage Exam NewsMassage Exam News : FSMTB and NCBTMB have reached an Agreement. NCBTMB will no longer accept applications to utilize their Licensing exams effective November 1, 2014 for completion February 1, 2015.
Massage Study guideMassage has been sought in the past and continues to be sought in the present times by many people due its numerous benefits.
Advice on taking and passing the MBLEx Exam The following advice is a culmination of a variety of resources from Massage Therapist interviews, Massage forums, and test-taking experts.
Facts you need to know about the MBLEx Exam• MBLEx consists of multiple-choice questions designed by a group of psychometricians, testing specialists, and 60 subject matter experts.
MBLEx Vs NCETMB Which massage license exam should I take?You are not sure which is massage license exam is best for you??? Do you wonder which Massage exam is easier, cheaper is accepted by your state board, or gives extra letters to put after your name...
How to Prepare Yourself to Pass Massage ExamStop wasting your  time and money by not being able to pass Massage Exam. Learn how you can get your Massage License fast that is required to obtain your state Massage License.

Massage Exam Study Guide

mblex study guide 2017

 Online Massage Practice Exams here!

Massage Therapist Jobs 

Employment Opportunities for Massage therapistMassage Therapy is a fulfilling, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding career path. Licensed massage therapists learn a great deal about human anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and how all the systems of the body work together, as well as how to provide massage that is therapeutic and helps people feel great.
Is a Career in Massage Therapy Right for You? Massage therapists use pressure, kneading, and manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body to help ease stress, tension and pain. These are legitimate medical techniques that have been refined over time and are as old as civilization. As a massage therapist, you would use your abilities to help people with sports injuries, to give relief to people with long-term health conditions, and to help clients with relaxation.
Several Interesting Facts Regarding Massage Therapy TrainingMassage therapy training can entail several different types of skills that the person must be able to do before they will get their credentials. In addition, depending on the type of massage therapy the person is wanting their career path to take, will then determine how long their training is going to take them to complete.
All about MassageMassage is defined as the manipulation of both surface and deeper muscle tissues using a variety of techniques. The intention is to repair and restore muscle activity, increase flexibility, stimulate the healing process and release both physical and mental strain. The manipulation is done my physically applying pressure to key areas on the body.
A Few Thoughts Regarding How To Get A Massage Therapy CertificationWhen a person wants to get a massage therapy certification, taking their exams with the MBLEx licensing federation could be an ideal choice to achieve that end goal. In addition, utilizing the  Massage Practice Exams website, provides the student with plenty of test questions to help them get prepared for their real exam.
How to become a Massage therapistMassage therapy is a fast-growing profession that can provide a steady income with flexible hours. The most common path to a career in massage therapy is to attend a 2-year degree program at a local college or university. To become licensed, most programs require a minimum of 500 hours of study, but some can require 1000 or more. The college programs require classroom participation as well as hands-on learning and practice.
10 Most Popular Types Of Massage 2014Because job-related stress is becoming an increasingly common problem for most organizations, more people are having to take time off their jobs just to combat stress-related health issues. This loss of employee contribution to the workplace also increases the expenses employers have to accommodate for the loss of work production.
How much should a masseuse get in tips?One time, I had a client ask me what would be an appropriate amount to tip for a massage. I took some  time discussing the appropriate etiquette a person should use when deciding on how much to give their masseuse for a tip, which led me to write this excerpt to help others who may be baffled about where to begin when it comes to tipping for a massage. It's important to know that masseuse tips are not a requirement.
Is the salary of a Massage Therapist good enough?Massage therapists engage in comforting the customer by using the art of massage on them, especially their muscles. A typical massage session lasts for around 90 minutes and is charged anywhere starting from $20 going all the way up to $100. On an average, a masseuse ends up earning 30$ per hour roughly. Masseuses also get some Tip from client.
How To Choose A Massage SchoolHave you been thinking about a career in massage therapy? If so, then you've probably been concerned about a whether this career choice is the right one for you even if you feel you have the right skills to be a massage therapist.

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  1. I took the MBLEX test today and I passed with a score of 660. I studied the questions on this site for 3 days. I also brushed up on anatomy using my massage school text book. This site is very helpful. The questions on the test were worded slightly different. There were a lot of ethical questions, SOAP note questions, what muscles to work if a client has anterior pelvic tilt, synergistic, concentric or eccentric, , sciatica and that is all I can recall.

    1. Hay thanks for sharing because I just found this site in I paid to take my test again hopeing to pass this time Around the practice tests are really helping I tired taking the big test on here in passed with a B witch is good . Don’t won’t to fail anymore after trying three times in real life I give it sometime but now I understand how it works in should be ready.and I wish someone would have tould me about this site lol

  2. Invaluable suggestions . BTW , if someone is searching for a MO DOR-108 , my husband filled out and faxed a fillable document here https://goo.gl/r9JlGv

  3. I’m moved from Texas to Ohio , and I don’t kwon what I have to do for transfer mi LMT from texas to here.

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