Massage Therapy Trends in 2014

Massage Therapy Trends in 2014Mindfulness belongs to a very much greater trend we’ve been perceiving known as mindful living it is all about waking up to daily life and exactly what it means to be completely human and massage therapy within this process is becoming one of the most preferred treatment options globally.

Therapeutic Massage place emphasis on personal natural cure modalities that include Swedish massage, Shiatsu or Acupressure, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, and Reflexology, among numerous types of massage therapy.

Usually these include various methods to put up massage therapy as an integral part of patients complete health and well-being treatment technique, however one important factor is to stay updated on the modern day techniques that will give one an advantage. Check out examples of the massage habits making big news for the year 2014.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massaging strategy that utilizes slow but deep strokes across the muscular tissue toDeep Tissue Massage relieve stress in human body. By applying pressure using fingers, deep tissue massage will definitely calm chronic muscle tension, from those parts of the human body that were contracted as a result of tension and stress.

Deep tissue massage is a good option for patients recuperating from an injury or who experience muscle strain as a result of stress. It requires different methods to allow muscle relief at a deeper level.

This is particularly good for the treatment of lower back and shoulder pain, knees and necks, carpal tunnel, headaches and sciatica pain. Commencing the treatment gently and steadily intensifying to occasions of short time agony, deep tissue massage helps to enhance muscle strength and stretch significantly and speedily. It is one of the most demanding form of massage therapy mastered in massage therapy class, nevertheless deep tissue massage basically warms the superficial soft tissue of the human body to gain access to deeper connected tissue beneath for prolonged health benefits.

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is massage therapy primarily meant for the expectant mothers needs. It is equally referred to as pre-natal massage.

Massage therapy in pregnancy period is an excellent complementary option for prenatal health care. It is a natural technique to help minimize stress and enhance complete health and well-being. This particular Massage relieves most of the regular discomforts experienced in pregnancy period, for example backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).


Reflexology is yet another specialized form of massage therapy that focuses primarily on the feet, but it definitely Reflexologywill not be mistaken for foot massage. This kind of pressure therapy concerns the examination of given reflexes in the feet that correspond to completely different parts within the human body.

The intention of this healthy technique is to ease stress and muscular pressure, to stimulate the natural recovering process of the human body, to enhance the flow of blood and distribution, to boost the balance, stability and homeostasis of the body, to unblock nerve and energy paths in the body, to detoxify and eliminate deadly toxins from the body, to repair the body, as well as to trigger performance.


Massage therapy trends in 2014 may be seen as an excellent recreational physical exercise but it does much more than simply enhancing one’s energy mainly because it subdues or even prevents the risks imposed on a person’s well-being. It also helps someone relax simply because it discharges unwanted energy and leaves the individual with a refreshed mindset and revitalized consciousness.

To study massage as a profession, therapists in the present day must be ready to accept a vast a number of methods, equipment and programs. Though massage previously was an easy concept, modern Western and Asian composition of the track record of massage therapy will at present will provide variation in methods.


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