Is the salary of a Massage Therapist good enough?

Is the salary of a Masseuse good enough?Massage therapists engage in comforting the customer by using the art of massage on them, especially their muscles. A typical massage session lasts for around 90 minutes and is charged anywhere starting from $20 going all the way up to $100. On an average, a masseuse ends up earning 30$ per hour roughly. Masseuses also get some Tip from client. So, considering the average scale, it translates to $120 per day plus Tip if the masseuse gives 4 sessions every day.

This corresponds to an average of $3600 per month, which is fair enough considering the profile of job. The advantage of being a masseuse is that, there is only physical work involved in helping the customer relax, which is accomplished by the application of their skills in every session. This is by far, one of the most stress free jobs available and $3600, the average salary per month is fair enough considering the work profile involved. Successful masseuses charge over three fold more than what the average ones do.

There is a huge gap in the rates charged by various masseuses, solely depending upon their skills. Initially, masseuses do not get paid well and the pay would be below standards. But, if they are fairly skilled and work their way up success, it definitely is a profession that pays without having to toil for the same. With initial struggle involved in establishing themselves in the field of massage therapy, once they earn a good reputation and have satisfied customers, it is a stress free job without having to achieve any targets or goals. But still, the nature of their pay depends upon the region they are practicing in. Regions like Alaska, Connecticut give an extraordinarily high pay scale for masseuses whereas there are regions in the same continent which would pay just a fraction of the average salary. Relocating to any other location which pays better is also not a big issue as there is a constant demand for good masseuse in every corner of the world.

Overall, massage therapy is an excellent profession for people who want a comfortably stress-free job with a mediocre pay. With no much risks involved and appraisals truly depending upon the quality of work that has to be done, this certainly is a profession for people who do not want to slog. A comfortable lifestyle is assured once there is a good customer base and when the masseuse has gained a considerably good reputation.

The salary earned is pretty much sufficient for leading a comfortable lifestyle. Inflation or rising costs would not be a measure issue as it would be accounted for in the rising charge in massage therapy too. Consider high paying jobs. But one will have to invest considerably huge amounts on education in order to get a job that pays a lot. Instead, doing a certification course on massage therapy would cost much lesser than that. With no much efforts needed, or not requiring to work under demanding scenarios, a masseuse earns a decent amount for the time spent and work profile of the job.

For people expecting a job with no targets or mind boggling schedules, this is the best job as it would suffice for an average to slightly rich lifestyle.  With constant improvisation, the salary would increase several folds and well known massage therapists can become rich even if they do just one session every day.

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