Advice on taking and passing the MBLEx Exam

Advice on taking and passing the MBLEx Exam

The following advice is a culmination of a variety of resources from Massage Therapist interviews, Massage forums, and test-taking experts.

*Keep in mind that you must have a knowledge base of the massage curriculum in order to master this exam. There are no special tricks or hidden secrets to discover that will help you be any more successful than you will be from studying the curriculum.  What you can do is familiarize yourself with how the test is formatted by reviewing the Massage Exam Study Guide website.  You can also use the website to get a good overview of the massage assessment concepts.

*Despite that the test focuses on the minimum passing requirements, you should still try to learn as much as you can about massage therapy before taking the exam. Each question’s response contains a rationale that explains why a given response is not the appropriate answer or the appropriate answer. Reviewing this study material will boost your confidence is be knowledgeable in massage therapy.


A few days prior to the MBLEx:

*Give your body plenty of rest and consume nutritious foods and drink a few days prior to the exam. Make sure you incorporate vitamin B enriched foods like raisins, oatmeal, and bananas.

*Never cram study prior to a massage exam. If you are not knowledgeable as you should be by the time the day before the exam is here, then cramming is not going to help anyway. The night before the exam should be devoted to ample sleep and plenty of relaxation because this will prepare you a whole lot better for the exam than cramming through your study guide questions and textbook.

*Avoid sugary foods and excessive caffeine before taking your exam to eliminate unnecessary test anxiety.

*To maximize your test preparation, try studying the massage therapy curriculum material over the course of several weeks prior to taking the exam.

*Familiarize yourself with the location of your testing center by getting a copy of the map directions off the internet. Get there early to avoid the anxiety of being late because you will have to reschedule your exam. Also, make sure you have already registered and obtained approval for the MBLEx testing date. Walk ins are not accepted under any circumstances. The center provides all scrap paper and will provide a pencil if you don’t already have one. Just make sure you return all items given to you by the testing center when your exam is complete. Some testing cites have personal lockers for you to store your personal belongings while taking the test.

*Always wear a few layers of clothing to the testing site so you can take pieces off when you get too hot and add pieces on when you get cold.

*Each test taker must have two forms of ID in order to take the exam. At least one ID needs to have a picture of you.

*Make a trip to the bathroom before beginning your exam (even though you can go while the test is in session.  One ID must accompany you, and another ID form must remain in the room until you return from the restroom. Keep in mind each trip outside the testing room is documented.

During the Exam:

*Questions with responses containing words like always, except, never, most appropriate, and other absolutes should be carefully examined before selecting. Also, pay attention to words that place limitations on a given answer.

*Always read each question in its entirety before attempting to answer it. It is a good practice to read each question at least twice before choosing a response. Oftentimes, looking at the answers before reading the question tends to mislead the tester.

*Four potential answers exist for each exam question. Two responses are usually obviously wrong and can be quickly eliminated as a possibility. Then, all you have to do is determine which is the best possible choice out of the two responses remaining.

*Try not to obsess over a question and read more into the question than what the question is intended to say. Don’t over think or complicate the question. Most questions are as simple as they sound and do not carry any hidden information.

*The test is scheduled for two hours for 100 questions, which means you will have time to review your questions once you complete your test. Keep in mind that you will probably have one that was misread and need to look at again.  So, make the most of your remaining time.

•Just because  the MBLEx exam focuses on minimum requirements to pass doesn’t mean you should limit yourself on your knowledge as a massage therapist.

Please study the Massage Practice Tests we have provided ( ) The practice exams will track your score and assess your strengths and weaknesses in the massage therapy curriculum. You can keep taking the practice tests to improve your weaknesses.

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