Facts you need to know about the MBLEx Exam

Facts you need to know about the MBLEx Exam MBLEx consists of multiple-choice questions designed by a group of psychometricians, testing specialists, and 60 subject matter experts. Each question has 4 available responses, and the subject matter of the test comes from a verified comprehensive list of all common duties done by a Massage therapist.  Over 7000 practitioners have vouched for the validity of the information contained on the test. The team of testing specialists have gone through the logistics to ensure there is only one most reasonable answer for each question.  However, they have also ensured that each incorrect answer has some measure of true information in them. Also, the test is designed so that each question and correct response can be easily retrieved from the MBLEx bibliography of books used to teach Massage Therapy.
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The MBLEx  is administered at Pearson Vue testing centers throughout the US. Testing locations near you can be found by visiting the Pearson Vue testing center website: www.personvue.com.

The MBLEx is a two and a half hour standardized test consisting of 100 questions in the Static (Summative) Test format. Once the test is complete, you will receive your results.  You will not receive any other notification after receiving your score on site.

The questions for the test will be displayed on the computer screen one at a time.  On the top right side of the screen, the time you have remaining will be displayed. Underneath the time, the question number you are on will be displayed.  If you do not wish to have a time clock displayed on your screen, then you can click on it to remove it off your screen.  On the bottom left side of the screen, you have the navigation tools (like “previous screen” and “next screen”). There is also a navigation button on the bottom right side of the screen that allows you to go to different questions in the test. You can also check the status of each question (whether it’s complete, incomplete, or not seen) and review marked/flagged items.

Some questions contain images that are used to aid in answering a question.

• The navigation tool allows you to search for items by status, question number, or marked items. To select ascending () or descending ()order, just click on the header.  The arrows will instantly allow you to identify which order you are sorting.

You select your answer by clicking on the answer itself or on the bubble next to the answer. To deselect the answer, just click on the answer itself or the bubble next to the answer again.

• There is a button located near the top right corner of the screen that is used to mark (or deselect) a question for further review. To indicate that a question has been marked for review (even if you have not answered the question), a flag will appear next to the question. Remember that you can only review marked questions during the actual test time.  The review screen is also available by pressing the Next button after the last question has been visited.

While on the Review screen, you can navigate through all the questions marked for review. Once the End Review button has been selected, the exam will end, and you will not be able to return to the review items. So make sure you are completely finished reviewing all items before you select the End Review button on the lower left side of the screen.

The exam fee of $195 can be paid by mail or online at the MBLEx website.

• You can fill out the MBLEx Retake Application form and resubmit another $195 fee if you do not pass the exam.
• Keep in mind that the only state board locations receiving your score will be the one you indicated on your application ( but only if it accepts MBLEx scores).
• The first reported score is free. Any additional reports (to other state boards or to you) will require a $20 fee and the completion of a MBLEx Mobility Form.


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