What to Do If I Fail the MBLEx Exam?

What to Do If I Fail the MBLEx Exam?Students from any massage program can fail the MBLEx Exam so you shouldn’t take the test for granted. The Exam itself is not difficult but, you might fail to achieve the minimum score required to clear the exam because questions are weighted different.

Even if you fail the MBLEx exam, you should not be disheartened. You will be allowed to retake the exam and because of past experience, the test can feel easier the second time around for you. The FSMTB tries to get a majority of the students to pass the test, keeping in mind the unprecedented rate of growth anticipated in demand for massage therapists well into the future.

The result of the MBLEx exam contains a detailed breakdown of the score you receive. This gives you a clear idea of the areas in which you failed to get the desired score. You can also identify the areas where you performed relatively better. The next time you take the test, you can prepare based on your performance in the test the previous time around. You can study targeted areas of the course material where you can improve.


How Many Times Can I Take The MBLEx?

FSMTB does not limit the number of times a candidate may take the MBLEx; however, a State may impose a limit. Check to see if your State Licensing Board or Agency has a limit to the number of times a candidate may attempt to pass the MBLEx.  FSMTB allows candidates who have failed the MBLEx to retake the examination after thirty (30) days has elapsed from the previous examination attempt. You must reapply online or mail in the MBLEx application form and fee.

You will have to pay the fee again, It cost $195 for which you will be given time to prepare and take the exam. You can use that period to prepare for the exam and ensure you perform better.

The bottom line is that failing is not the end of the world. If you fail the MBLEx exam, you can retake it and with a bit more effort you can pass it the second time around. Whatever you do, don’t be disheartened by your poor performance the first time and think of giving up as a result. Better yet, go in fully prepared and knock it out on your first attempt.

Good Luck!!!

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