Passing The MBLEx Massage Certification Exam

Passing The MBLEx Massage Certification ExamBefore a massage therapy graduate can acquire a massage therapy license, he/she must take the MBLEx exam. When this exam first came out, it was very hard for students to pass it until the massage therapy board and the massage federation (FSMTB) had to examine the test and made it easier for students to pass. Apart from this, the MBLEx exam is still not easy to pass as nobody was even passing the exam. Experience of students who have graduated from massage school and are unable to pass the exam is a proof that the MBLEx exam is really difficult to pass. Online Massage Practice Exams

Students are advised to take the exam as soon as they graduate from massage school so that their memory will still be fresh. The more you wait, the more your acquired knowledge leaves your memory. The more time passes by, the more all you have learnt in massage school will gradually be forgotten.

There is an old saying that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. This is applicable to the MBLEx exam because it is made up of different dimensions. You have to be ready for a wide range of topics and area of knowledge. You also need to refresh areas on anatomy, physiology, pathology, body systems, assessments, alternative medicine and even professional standards. You can take extra time to revise and study these areas over and over again. Your old notes and massage books can serve as some kind of study guide. Anything that will help you in passing your exams like flashcards and other study materials is also advisable.

You can save yourself the grief of going through this exam for more than 4 times by thinking you can just pay money and pass. The exam costs $195.00 and lasts for about 2 hours 30 mins. So at the rate of this high price, you had better get prepared before thinking of taking the exam (MBLEx).

Good Luck!!!

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