Tips on passing the massage licensing exam (MBLEx)

Tips on passing the massage licensing exam (MBLEx)Massage licensing exam (MBLEx) is an important test. This test justifies the thousands of dollars spent on Massage school, the hours working in the school clinic for free and countless hours determining if a mole looks cancerous. Even thinking about this test raises your blood pressure. Here are some tips to help you pass MBLEx exam while remaining calm.

First, Get yourself a good Massage study guide. It doesn’t matter if you borrow it from the library, buy a copy or download one. Make sure your book has test questions and an answer key to test your knowledge. Study these questions 1 or 2 hrs every day. You can study on your work breaks, lunch, and anytime you have a free time or You can find free question source online, For example Massage Practice Exams ,, to test your knowledge

Make yourself flash cards. (Another advantage to making your own is studies show writing down information will help you memorize it.) You can buy ready-made flash cards, but they will cost you anywhere from $30-$100. Flash cards are a great tool to use by yourself or with a study group.
Study the basic subjects such as Anatomy &Physiology, Client Assessment, Kineslogy, Ethics, Guildline for professional, Pathologies and massage techniques, but also make sure to study Massage history and Chinese theory. There will be numerous questions regarding chakras, the five elements, and meridians on the exam. Also make sure you brush up on medical terms. Knowing prefixes, suffixes, and root words will help you decipher words you don’t know and enable you to make an estimated guess.
Stay calm. The more you stress yourself, the more information you will forget.  Get a full night sleep the night before and make sure to eat breakfast the day of the exam.

Good luck!!!

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